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Do you have questions using Papyrus Author? The community is here to help.

Papyrus Author Team regularly monitors this forum, and we’re all eager to help. Here’s a few tips on how to post your support question:

:mag_right: You can always use the Search function to see whether this issue has a topic on it already. We will list the most common issues and solutions here.

How to use the Search function

:memo: Describe the issue in as much detail as possible; it’s better to have more information than too little. You can add screenshots, GIF-files or videos to your post. Feel free to get creative!

How to attach files to your post

:email: An issue may be document-specific. In a case like this our staff may ask you to send your document to us. A moderator will send you a private message and instruct you on how to proceed.

:speech_balloon: We encourage community involvement! If you feel like you can help your fellow author you’re encouraged to do so!