Bug in 2022 placing cursor on last line of page

Operating System WIN64

Papyrus Author Version 11.05a

When a paragraph spans a page, I am unable to place the cursor in any word above the page break if a spelling error is flagged on that line. If no flag exists, I can place a cursor.
To reproduce, type until the text crosses a page boundary (in Novel Writing Mode, at least), create a misspelled word above the page break. Wait for it to be flagged, try to place a cursor on the flagged word or anywhere on that line. It won’t let you. Also, right clicking on the flagged word does not bring up suggested corrections.

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Sometimes, even after correcting the spelling error, I can’t place a cursor in the second half of the line above the page break.

Thank you for bringing this up, and the detailed explanation of the problem. I will look into it! :mag:

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This only happens if you don’t display top and bottom margins.

I was able to reproduce the problem, and I have passed this on to the Development Team. Thank you! :clap: