General Observation - Ghost Text vs Binder

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This isn’t a support request per se, nor a complaint, simply an observation for what it’s worth…

Having come from Scrivener to PA, I have had a chance to experience both the concept of “Ghost Text” and the concept of “The Binder” and while I think there is an aspect of “Ghost Text” which is (can) work for a different purpose, I think by and large the way I’ve seen it considered by the PA staff is as a way of temporarily removing Chapters and/or Scenes from view, though secondarily, also removing passages of text from view.

I presume (tell me if I’m incorrect) if I were to ask the question, how could I prepare an alternate version of my WIP with a different arrangement and/or selection of Chapters & Scenes, the answer would be something like: Use the “Ghost” feature to hide Chapters/Scenes you don’t want, or alternately save the work as an entirely different file and edit that.

Now, if I’m right in the above, the problem is that editing the second copy of the work comes with the hassle of copying revisions back and forth between the copies to keep them syncronized-- and, in the case of Chapters & Scenes, using the Ghost feature to turn them on/off, which overloads the concept and makes it harder to recall which were already on/off for other reasons (such as provisional scenes, etc).

Contrast this with the “Binder” feature in Scrivener which permits the author to select any combination of scenes and combining them together under a new (binder) name, as a “collection” which can then be further arranged within the “collection” motif as necessary.

Further, the arrangement persists until removed (deleted) by the author, and does not interfere with the main scene arrangement, nor the arrangement of scenes in any other collection, thus allowing provisional / alternate arrangements of the WIP to be considered and viewed without the problem and concern of synchronizing changes or revisions.

I think this is a valuable feature that Scrivener offers that PA appears to not.