Papyrus Author 11.09d Update

Papyrus Author 11.09d Update :tada:

Hello, fellow Papyrus Author users! We’re releasing the 11.09d quality-of-life update, packed with love, improvements and fixes to make your writing experience even more enjoyable:

Writing Session Fix: Ever had that moment when you had to reopen your writing session manually after an update? That’s history now! We’ve identified and fixed the issue. From the next update onwards, your session will remain where it should. :ocean:
Workaround until then: open your last session before installing the update. Don’t linger on the start screen.

Distraction Free Mode: We’ve fixed a potential issue when exiting Distraction Free Mode. Write without distractions and return to the real world seamlessly. :milky_way:

Additional improvements:

  • Fixes for text cursor shenanigans and truncated words and lines under some circumstances
  • Printing (Mac): Improved image behavior with SVG and bitmap graphics in print output
  • PDF/Print Settings (Mac): Adjusted print options to prevent errors in native PDF output
  • PDF Export for POD services: Improved font subtype naming to comply with the needs of some print-on-demand services
  • Retina/High-DPI: Enhanced on-screen display for SVG and bitmap graphics

Farewell to macOS Catalina: This update marks a tribute to our macOS Catalina users, as 11.09d is the last version available for this operating system. From next version on, Papyrus Author will require macOS 11.0 / Big Sur or higher. Now is a great time to upgrade and prepare for the future! :desktop_computer::blue_heart::rocket:

Note: We skipped version 11.08 as it was an internal release. Imagine all the heavy lifting we did in the background.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the new Papyrus Author 11.09d update and enjoy a smoother writing experience! Let your creativity soar, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us. We’re always eager to make Papyrus Author even better for you! :star2:

Happy writing! :books:

Edit: Bumped to 11.09d with a couple hotfixes for distraction-free writing.

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I think a tiny bug crept it because I can no longer change the thread a scene belongs to, or add characters and locations, by clicking on it in navigator. Help!

Thanks for bringing this up!

Do you mean the menu for Timeline Threads and Characters is not there in your Navigator, or that it doesn’t work?

I tried on my project, and I can move characters to the “planned in this Chapter” area, and change threads in the “Timeline” tab.

Here’s a quick video, does yours look different?


Hi Sam - it’s completely different because I use two pinboards so access Organiser through the icon on the bottom left, which brings up a new tab. Before the upgrade I could click on a scene and it would open the right hand half of the tab into the area where you can change threads, characters etc. Now when I click on it nothing happens.

Thanks for the reply!

I think I got it! :bulb:

So the area is not showing for you anymore? You can open it by clicking the “Organizer Properties” button on the bottom-right of the Organizer.


Hope this helps. :man_construction_worker: :wrench:

I don’t know why upgrading hid the properties tab for you, I’ll make a note of it and check it in future versions…

Fantastic… thanks so much, Sam - brilliant support as ever :slight_smile:

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