Propose "Auto-Graphic" Feature for Ebooks

Operating System

Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version


I would like to propose a new feature for use in Ebook mode. Ebooks are (apparently) notorious for ignoring author’s intents and directives and doing things their own way. One exception to this appears to be graphics-- at least to some degree.

So, here’s my proposition…

Say I want to create a “business card” (as an example) in my WIP. So I might draw a graphic-text box and put my words inside. The normal publication methods will likely honor the intent and make a reasonable facsimile. Ebooks, on the other hand, will likely ignore it completely and just render it as text.

However, were it an actual graphic, like a picture, it would instead insert the picture of the text / graphic inline and continue rendering the page. Would it not be possible then, when rendering in Ebook (and presumably MOBI) output, to generate a quick image of the text & textbox, and insert that instead of the text?

There might also need to be a parameter box or two to go along with it, to help adjust the size and alignment of the resulting graphic on the page.

Just a question-- and hopefully a feature you can apply !!