Retrieve Lost Book

Hello, my computer crashed and is beyond repair. I have a new laptop and downloaded the Free version of Papyrus but I have lost my book I was writing. - Is there any way to retrieve my manuscript through Papyrus Author itself… I would appreciate any help

Did you take backups on external media? You can just open the last of them from your new computer and keep going. Papyrus won’t mind.

If you didn’t take backups, you’ll have to find somebody to remove the harddrive from your old computer. You can use an adapter to connect it to the new one like any external drive.

Firstly, thank you for replying. Unfortunately, my hard drive was totally fried. The computer technician who is very savvy after three days of trying to extract info of my hard drive we had to accept it’s all gone.

I always backed it up on the Papyrus page I assumed it would be retrievable through them.

So sorry to hear that your data is unrecoverable

Or did you at any point send the book to someone via email or cloud service? Did you save it to a USB-stick?

Can you elaborate what you mean by this? If you used the ‘Backups’ feature, it saves to the computer’s hard drive by default. Did you set it up to save to a cloud service at any point?

I have NOT backed up the book on any external device … When I use the Papyrus Author it asks if I want to back up the manuscript which I do… Can Papyrus access my account and retrieve my manuscript

This backup is saved into the computer’s hard drive by default. It can be changed by navigating ‘Options’ → ‘Preferences’ → ‘Backups’. Here’s a tutorial video on backups and saving to a cloud service: Backups Tutorial.

We don’t have access to anything on your computer, and unfortunately there’s no further way for us to help you retrieve the lost data in this case.