Style Analysis and questions

For some reason, the Style Analysis is tagging my equation marks in the dialog as grammatical errors, but it is the first " not the last in the line. Any reason why? It’s annoying when I am analyzing and typing at the same time.
My other question is… is there a dark mode? I found I can use distraction-free mode but I like having access to the toolbars but the constant white background is rough on the eyes after a while.
Anyhow thanks for your time and patience
Thanks for any assistance you can provide

Hi, welcome to the Community! :raised_hands:

If you right-click on an underlined part, does it look like this?

It’s possible the closing quotation marks are different than the opening ones–did you bring in your work from Word or another writing program?

:bulb: You can change the quote settings in your work by going “Preferences…” → “Automatic Quotes”, and covert them all at once with the button found there.

You can darken the mood by right-clicking on the Pinboard and selecting “Pinboard background…” - there’s a few dark options there :night_with_stars:

For the white page color, our friend @joey mentioned in an earlier post a way to put a colored rectangle behind your text here: Color of the paper in Papyrus Author - #2 by joey

With @joey’s tips you can write on something else than white, and remove the colored block from the Master Page before publishing.

:construction: To quickly go from the Master Page view back to the writing view after adding the background color, you can use the “Select All” command CTRL+A (CMD+A on mac) to select your text - I found it sometimes tricky to exit with the right-click on Master Page, if the graphic object covers all of it. :construction:

It’s a workaround, but hope it bridges the gap for you as long as we don’t have a dark mode. :crossed_fingers:

An easier way to change the background color is to open Document > Document Properties > Document Colors. If you change the background color there, it will apply to all pages, including all master pages, each of which would require their own rectangle otherwise.


Hahah, you’re absolutely right! :sweat_smile: I totally overthought that one.

Thanks @glucose for simplifying it - your guide saves everyone from making a mountain out of a molehill.

So yeah, @techdave1, forget what I said and just change the paper color to dark with @glucose’s guide.

Thanks again! You’re a life saver. :heart:

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