Two page views at once

Hi, is it possible to have another “window” to view a different section of the document at the same time (eg to check relationships etc). I was wondering if the pinboard area could be used as another document view.
For those who know scrivener, it has the options to split the view window so you can look at another section simultaneoulsly.

thanks in advance.

You can open the same document again and it will appear in its own tab. This tab can then be dragged out to the side so that the document will be in a separate window. You can scroll to whatever section you need there.

When working like this, just make sure to do all editing in one document window and not in the other. The two aren’t synchronised and if you accidentally make changes in the second window and save them, then changes in the first window might get lost.


Would you consider adding the option (or simply changing it) to being synchronized? That seems like a great way to get wrapped around the axle. (I’ve done it a couple of times–in other programs-- and it is extremely not-fun to try and untangle).