Very slow vertical Scrolling of the Timeline - Missing Zoom Feature


I have a very big story in progress with a huge History. I have started to give each charakter its own timeline in a separated Character and History document. But the timelines are becoming more and more and I have had to start Scrolling vertically. This is a little bit cumbersome in Papyrus, because if have to use the Scrollbar on the right side. In other programs, I’m used to do the vertical Scrolling by pressing either STRG, ALT or SHIFT and using the mouse wheel. To be fair, it is possible to do the Scrolling by pressing ALT and using the mouse wheel in Papyrus Author, but the Scrolling is horrible slow. My fingers get bleeding until I have found the right position. So I’m forced to use the Scrollbar, unfortunately.

Is it possible, to change the Scroll speed? Or even better, can you additionally build in a Zoom-Feature for the timeline? This would be awesome.

Thanks a lot. Papyrus Author is great and every feedback, I give you is intended, to make it even better :slight_smile:


Hi Florian, welcome to the Community! :+1:

Thank you for immediately raising some great topics. It’s always awesome to hear how you use Papyrus Author, and your workflows have brought up some interesting things! :computer:

Your book project sounds wicked cool–I’d love to see a screenshot or two of this beast! :grin:

How many timelines do you have so far?

The scroll pace in the Timeline obeys your computer’s scroll speed.

If you can handle a fast scroll speed in the main document (and outside of Papyrus Author as well!), you can change the computer’s scroll speed to tackle this.

:bulb: Here’s guides on scroll speed:

For windows: Change Mouse Settings

MacOS: Change your Mouse Response Speed

At the moment, the Timeline is so focused on the horizontal movement, that there’s actually no controls for vertical–I’ll definitely make a note of it.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of need for vertical controls for the Timeline–you’re breaking some new ground with the Timeline. :grin:

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Hi Sam,

thank you very much for your awnser. I love it to give you every piece of information, you need. If we can improve Papyrus Author by this, it is worth the effort :slight_smile:

Before I start, just a hint to my newest topic (Linking different documents together). I wanted to share this with you already yesterday, but I’m new and so I’m only allowed to make three contributions in a row :smile:
In this new topic, I’ve asked if it is possible to use events in more than one timeline.
As you have asked me in your answer for a screenshot of the timeline I’m currently building up, I’ve recognized, that this screenshot tells the need of this feature request pretty well (probably better than any words).

For example, the second screenshot shows you the event “Geburt des Atalyten Thalkanün Turukal”. This event marks the begin of the family Turukal and therefor also the history chapter of the family Turukal (because Thalkanün establishes the beginning of the family Turukal). You can see it on the first timeline on the first screenshot . So, for me, it would be much better, if the event marks a point in the top line over the first time line, where you can see the days, months and years. This would give my work more structure.

And another word to the timelines you can see. I’ve thougt already a lot about the story, but what you can see in the timeline is just a very small part of all the stuff in my head. I just have started writing it all down. And even after one week of work, I have enough timelines to be forced to vertical scrolling. Of course, I could switch of some of the information. But without all the information, the timeline is unfortunately less useful to me. And I fear, that in some weeks I have still the same problem with the vertical scrolling, because there will be a lot of more characters finding their way into my document :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because the scrolling problem. I don’t think that I can speed up my computer scroll speed so much, that it works for the timelines but is not way to fast on all other documents at the same time. I’ve uploaded you a small caputer video of my Papyrus Author. There you can see the vertical scrolling in the main document and a second later in the time line. Each time, I’ve used the same speed on my mousewheel (by the way, I was wrong with ALT + mouswheel → the vertical scrolling feature in the timeline can be accessed by SHIFT + mouse wheel)
2023-09-11 (2.4 MB)

I’m heading to the other threads to give you an answer there as well.


Hehe, that’s one of the Community’s anti-spam features. Thanks for your patience! :grin:

Ah, I see now what you’re going for!

Thanks for the screenshots!

This looks super thorough–great job organizing your story. :heart:

Unfortunately, there’s no really a way to do that. I’ll have to give it a think if there’s any workarounds, but I think no. I’ll get back to you on that if I come up with anything. :rocket:

If you have big time jumps in the book, you might find the Time Warp feature useful!

You can have a look at the guide on Time Warp here: The Timeline – Papyrus Author

And here’s a tutorial video that shows the Time Warp in action: The Timeline II

Thanks for the video! Here’s two options I can think of to help out with that:

  1. Use “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys to navigate the Timeline.
  2. Grab a hold of the scrollbar on the right end of the Timeline, and drag it to move around.

Here’s a quick video on how it looks for me with a 60-thread Timeline:

First I use “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys, and then grab the scroll bar to move around.

Hope these help, and have fun with the Timeline! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Thanks, I should have thougth of the page up / page down feature myself. This fixes it for my :smiley:

I already use the Time Warp feature, thank very much for mentioning it

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