Your New Creative Writing Partner

I’m sitting in a cozy mustard chair, laptop in lap, surrounded by stacks and stacks of published books that have all been written using Papyrus Author. In my initial interview, I was told that there was an ever-growing library of Papyrus-user books at the office. But when I arrived on my first day at work, with AirPods still plugged into a head full of excitement and anxiety, I was stunned by the collection.

Seeing these thousands of books commandeering the communal room quickly filled me with another emotion: Admiration.

My favorite people are writers. As a screenwriter, children’s book author, and copywriter, I have always felt at home in the company of wordsmiths.

If I’m not writing, then I’m thinking about writing. If I’m not thinking about writing, then I’m probably talking about it. My personal perpetual-motion machine.

So, as I sit under this striking tower of book spines, I finally feel like I’m right where I need to be.

My name is Chris Brennan, and I am here to help authors and writers.

If you have any questions about a particular literary topic, let me know.
Maybe you are looking for a little ideation or inspiration. Please throw it in this Community forum.
Or if you just aren’t in the mood to tackle Chapter 6 yet, roll into a thread and drop a thought. I’ll be here to pick it up.

But for now, I’d like to kick off my first foray into this forum with a question. And before we start our creative journey together, let’s chat about the other side of writing: reading.

So with that in mind, I’d love to hear what was the last truly stunning piece of literary work that you have encountered?

Something that caused both astonishment and a tinge of jealousy at the same time.

To kick things off, how about I take you through my latest run of books.

For me personally, my reading list always seems to break into four distinct areas:
Film, mystery, history, and basketball.

The moment I closed the book on J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Aliens, I immediately reached for a smooth Ross MacDonald, Lew Archer mystery, The Underground Man. When that case closed, then my next move was to stretch out and snag Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer by James L. Swanson (Which was nearly made into an HBO series by The Wire’s very own David Simon!). By that point, my brother had thrown Jackie MacMullan’s Basketball: A Love Story my way.

All completely different pieces of work. All head-shakingly sublime!

I’ve written screenplays, children’s books, blogs, brochures, and even a song. Funny enough, the one thing that I have not hit ‘The End’ on yet is my novel. So when I’m not creating material to help you tell your best story, then I’ll be back in this Community forum, at dusk, taking a crack at crafting my own chapters.

I’ll be seeing you here!


Hi Chris,

what a great job description! That’s something to envy right there :slight_smile:

Two of those books might be mine. I’ve been writing with Papyrus since the early 2000s and have since published five novels. There are a few short stories and a couple of unfinished novels as well. Now, I need to make this reply short because I have a deadline for one of those on Monday…

I’m looking forward to things to come both here in the forums as well as the software. It’s exciting to watch it grow!


Amazing! I shall dig through the collection on Monday and see if I can find your novels.
Can you let me know the titles of those books? :books:

And yes, I am also excited about whats in store as well!
Now I’ll let you get back to your page count so you can cross the finish line in time.
Good luck and have a great weekend @joey!


Those are in German, though one of them I am just now translating to English. That’s the one that will go out to my editor on Monday :slight_smile:

The titles are:

‘Trau mir nicht!’–a spy-novel adventure set in Southern France
‘Schläferkind’–a spy-novel adventure set in San Francisco

You have a great weekend too, @chris.brennan!


Great to meet you Chris.
I am a new author. Almost two years ago, I injured myself, and wasn’t able to work. Instead of sitting around doing nothing while I recovered, I started writing. Earlier this year, I published m first book, two more are due out in the next two weeks, another is ready to submit to the publisher, and I’m working on my fifth book. It has been an exciting journey so far, and I’m always looking ahead.
I’m now back at work, but my writing continues. I just got my first royalty check a couple of weeks ago, and I hope to get many more in the future.
My first book was my first foray into authorship, but will NOT be my last.
I’m looking forward to getting to know people here as this forum grows.

Best to everyone.
Terry Joe Gunnels…The Landlord’s Inheritance.


Wow, what an amazing two years already, @terrygunnels51! I love the fact that you found a positive in a tough situation. And you certainly have rewarding results from your efforts!
Inspirational stuff!

For me, personally, my writing journey also started while I was in a difficult phase. At the time, I thought productivity would help push me through. And it just became a critical part of my life since then.

And yes, I am also looking forward to connecting with other authors in this forum as we grow.
Best of luck with the fifth book! :books:

Spy novels set in locations with the initials SF… I see your theme :wink:

Alright @joey, I’ll see if I can find them in the office next week. Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands:


Hi Chris nice to meet you!

To answer your question the last book I read that felt a tinge of jealousy and the astonishing ability to take me into the books world was reading was the Sally Lockheart trilogy series by Philip Pullman the adventures were clear and captivating for me. The other most recent book was an audiobook call Nowhere by Neil Gaiman I liked it so much that I’m wanting to buy the actual book (because I’m not big on audiobooks) this took me to a completely different world.

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