A minor annoyance

Operating System Windows 10 (64bit)

Papyrus Author Version Free 10.08b

One thing that I find annoying is that having set up the style ‘Standard Office’ to my preferred settings, namely Times New Roman at 12 point, whenever I open a new document, the program defaults to Arial and creates a new style called 'Standard Office [local] which I then have to change. Is there any logical reason for this or am I doing something wrong?

The logical reason is that you changed the settings only in the current document. When you open a new document, this will be created based on a template which still has Arial as the default font.

The template for new documents is located in the application folder at:
Papyrus Author/Modules/Templates.predefined/_new.pap

Open this template, change the settings as you need them, and save it under the same name. The next new document should have your settings in place.

In addition, save a copy of the _new.pap template in your Documents folder because with the next Papyrus update, the template will be replaced by the default again. After the update you’ll have to replace the default with your own template again.


Hi Gary,

try checking the box ‘Available in all Papyrus documents (global)’ on the main tab in the Style dialog. That should make the settings available in all new documents. That’s how I go about it usually.

After that, if you open older documents you can find the old settings in the ‘Select:’ list where it should now appear as ‘local’. Mark all paragraphs containing the old style via the ‘Mark’ button and then change to the new global style directly in your document via the drop-down box in your tool bar.