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Will we be able to add to the character page? Motivations, character traits. Relationships show the connection. Birthday, Year of Death More facial features and body features as fill-in fields such as skin color, height, Ethnicity, Intellectual characteristics, morality, ticks and quirks, mannerisms. Other world-building sheets like buildings, laws, languages, military conflicts, formations, government organizations, myths, and legends, settlements, species, traditions, rituals, vehicles, spells and abilities, supernatural abilities. Planetary systems and plants. Technology, Ranks, Titles, religion etc… Categorize into Main, secondary and Minor characters and group things together to show their link.

Hi Lilly,

Yes, you can edit the character forms to add new fields and change the format of the data entry form.

You can create a new field - for example “Motivations” by either renaming and utilizing an existing field or adding a brand new one. From within My Characters go to Database → Field Properties.
If you are renaming an existing field, select the old one from the list then enter the new name in the “Field Name” field:

To create a new field, click on the “New Field” button. Give it a name and select the “Data type” e.g. “Text” from the drop-down list.

To change the layout of the existing entry form go to Database → Edit Entry Form.
Here you can move the fields around, make them larger or smaller, etc.

This can be done with any of the existing tables - My Things or My Places. You can create your own tables too - for example if you want a separate table for planetary systems.
Go to Table → Change/Add Tables… then click “New Table…”

Once you have named the new table and clicked OK you will be taken to the “Field Properties” dialogue so you can add the fields you want to have.

I hope that helps :smiley:

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