Adding a prologue and an epilogue

How do I start a new project 6*9 book with a TOC and add an epilogue at the end and a prologue in the beginning?

Good question! Luckily there’s a template for 6*9 books, and making a text style for prologue/epilogue is pretty straight forward.

You can find a ready-made book template for 6*9 books, that comes with a pre-built Table of Contents in the Start Menu:

  1. Navigate to ‘File’–Start
  2. Select the “New Project” Tab
  3. Select the 6x9 Paperback book template under the “Paperback” category, and give the project a name.

For an epilogue and prologue, we’ll have to tell Papyrus Author, that these chapters are slightly different from the others, and should not count towards the chapter numbering in the Table of Contents, and shouldn’t have a chapter numbers.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a new chapter, and name it Prologue.
  2. Click on the Style Icon on the top-left of your toolbar.
  3. Create a new Text Style by clicking ‘New’, and give it a name (eg. “Prologue/Epilogue”).
  4. Navigate to the “Enumeration/Table of Contents” tab, and clear up the “Format Description” field. This way the the chapters with this style won’t have chapter numbers.

Click “Apply”.

Now you have a non-numerated chapter for Prologue, and you can create a new chapter for Epilogue, and change its style as well.

Here’s a quick video on the steps:


Let me know how it goes, and have fun writing!

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