Android version?

Ive been a papyrus user for some months now, and i do love it. However, while my Android tablet and chromebook are new(ish), both my PC and my Laptop are showing distressing signs of encroaching hardware failure.
I was told when i first became aware of this wonderful program, some 2.5 years ago, that an android version was “coming soon.” I would love to be able to use it on my non-Windows portable devices (and I can’t afford to switch to Apple) so I’m going to ask again: When is the Android port going live?
Thanks in advance!

That’s awesome to hear! :heart:

Oh, no! Just to be safe, I think it’s time to set up cloud storage for your work. :+1:

You can do automated saving to cloud – either the backups, or the book file itself.

Here’s a video on backups and setting up the Cloud: Backups: Saving with Incremental & Automatic Backups

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

:bulb: Further reading on Cloud: Using Cloud

I’m super excited for the mobile version as well!

It’s been a while, and we are still working hard on it. Getting the cross-platform app right is taking some extra time, but I’m confident it’ll be well worth the wait. :man_construction_worker:

I still don’t have a date, but I’ll be sure to update you when I have any news!

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