Any plans to launch in ipad ios?

Hello Papyrus, I just downloaded the Windows version and viewed the chapters, scenes, and events video. The software looks awesome! Congratulations to the developers! I use scrivner, word, pages, and ProWritingAid and this seems to combine all of them. I haven’t actually used it and will keep you posted of my experience.
As a lot of writers I know seem to be doing, I am moving away from laptop to the much more cost effective iPad Air with keyboard. Once my laptop dies, I will have no more use for this software unless you are planning to launch an iPad IOS version. Do you have such plans, and if yes, what is the ETA?
Thank you.


Hey, welcome to the Community!

This is great to hear, I’m confident you’ll like it!

We’re currently working on a mobile version, but there’s no confirmed ETA on it. We will inform you here in the Community and on our social media channels when we have news on that.


@Sam I have to say I’m really really angry with you folks over there. I didn’t want to like Papyrus THIS MUCH lol. I’ve been using Scrivener for a few years and liked it, but this, it does it all and sadly, I’m hooked. Okay, now to just chime in about the iPAD IOS version. I love this idea. I wouldn’t be writing on the iPAD personally, but I would be doing research and planning, even mind mapping. If that helps your team at all… although I’m sure some folks would still write on their iPad as well.


I must say I love the idea. Don’t forget us android users as I, for one would definitively use papyrus on my android pad so I can get my writing on wherever I am.
I can’t wait for the mobile (android) version. :slight_smile:


One of the strengths of Ulysses is the ability to enter, review, etc., on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and iMac Pro. I’ve happily switched to Papyrus Author and I’m now 50% through the first draft of my second novel. (BTW, it’s about the discovery in Egypt of an important papyrus!) Anyway, for me, Papyrus on other platforms need only include reading and updating. Let the Mac do all of the heavy-duty lifting!

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I’d like to bump this thread. Any word on a mobile version?


I just became a Papyrus Pro author thanks to @kensoward. It would be great if I could use the app on my iPad Pro. I have it set up pretty much the same as a laptop with a mouse and keyboard. I’m making the switch from Scrivener, which has an app version for iOS, so if you all could release an iPad-compatible version, that would be stellar.


It’s been two months since my last post, so I figured I’d give the thread a bump to ask for updates on the mobile version. I have an iPad Pro and take it with me everywhere. I sync my stories using Dropbox, and it would be the shiz if I could alternate between writing on my iPad and my Windows laptop. A significant chunk of your customers would be all over this (plus, new customers).



Mobile version is the most requested feature for Papyrus Author, and it’s high on our priority list. We are working on it, but there’s no release date yet.


Stoked to hear this, Sam, and thank you for the response! I can’t wait until you have an official news update for us. In the meantime, I’ll keep using Papyrus and happily writing away. :smiley:

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I just bought the iPad Pro because I got tired of taking my 17” laptop every where with me. I have the iPad Pro 12.9” screen with the pencil, keyboard, and mouse. Until there is a app, can you explain to me what you mean by using Dropbox? I have downloaded Microsoft Office and exported my works in progress to Word and emailed to myself, then downloaded on the iPad. I am starting today to continue writing them today and then I will have to save, email, and then copy and paste into my Papyrus Author on my Windows laptop. Is your process easier?

Create an account on and install it on your Windows laptop as well as on your iPad (Dropbox from the App Store). On your laptop, this will create a Dropbox folder in which you can save the documents that you wish to have on your iPad.

On the iPad these documents will show up in the Dropbox app and you should be able to open and save them using Microsoft Office there, if they are in .docx or .doc format. Changes that you make on the iPad will be synced to your Windows laptop automatically. There you can open them with Papyrus Author and transfer the changes to your .pap documents or projects.

You can also work directly with .docx and .doc files using Papyrus Author but keep in mind that these file formats do not support any of Papyrus’ special features such as character databases or thinkboards. There might even be differences in the page layout, depending on how complex the documents are. Still it’s a good way of exchanging documents automatically without having to email them back and forth.

Instead of Dropbox, you could also use Apple’s iCloud Drive. It’s already installed on the iPad and only requires separate installation on the Windows laptop: This will create an “iCloud Drive” folder on the laptop which can be used in the same way as the Dropbox folder. On the iPad, the Files app provides access to the iCloud Drive documents.

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I’m also interested in an iOS version, if only to do a little editing on the fly. Can’t wait to see this.

Hello! Been using this software for ages now and would really like an Ipad version since I’ve moved from a laptop to a PC. The ipad is the only option I have for writing on the go now, and it can be a bit of a pain writing on a google doc and then having to paste it into my novel on papyrus author when I’m home.
Any chance there’s any updates on the Ipad version? And whether you will be able to open the same file on PC and Ipad and it will update over Wifi? A bit like Google Drive does! Thank you!

Hello, welcome to the Community!

I understand, that working on multiple apps is cumbersome, and Papyrus Author for iPad will make writing on multiple devices easier. The mobile version is our most-requested feature, and it is under development–we are working hard on it!

Thank you for your understanding. :slight_smile:


Wondering if there’s an eta on an IOS version. I really like working in Papyrus author, but find it awkward to copy and paste when I’m working on my iPad. I’ve been copying everything to an IOS compatible app like Storyist, before I use the iPad, then copying it back when I get back to my computer. If anyone has a better workaround for this I’d really like to know what it is. Don’t really like working in Word.