Any plans to launch in ipad ios?

Hello Papyrus, I just downloaded the Windows version and viewed the chapters, scenes, and events video. The software looks awesome! Congratulations to the developers! I use scrivner, word, pages, and ProWritingAid and this seems to combine all of them. I haven’t actually used it and will keep you posted of my experience.
As a lot of writers I know seem to be doing, I am moving away from laptop to the much more cost effective iPad Air with keyboard. Once my laptop dies, I will have no more use for this software unless you are planning to launch an iPad IOS version. Do you have such plans, and if yes, what is the ETA?
Thank you.

Hey, welcome to the Community!

This is great to hear, I’m confident you’ll like it!

We’re currently working on a mobile version, but there’s no confirmed ETA on it. We will inform you here in the Community and on our social media channels when we have news on that.

@Sam I have to say I’m really really angry with you folks over there. I didn’t want to like Papyrus THIS MUCH lol. I’ve been using Scrivener for a few years and liked it, but this, it does it all and sadly, I’m hooked. Okay, now to just chime in about the iPAD IOS version. I love this idea. I wouldn’t be writing on the iPAD personally, but I would be doing research and planning, even mind mapping. If that helps your team at all… although I’m sure some folks would still write on their iPad as well.

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