Are Screenwriting / Playwriting Features Coming?

Hello! I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far!

I just popped into the community quickly to enquire about the progress of adding scriptwriting or screenwriting features to Papyrus Author. Is there a timeframe for this feature finally released?

I did a search of the community, and third-party ones too, about Papyrus and writing in general. There are several mentions that Papyrus plans to implement screen/scriptwriting features. Including posts from 2020, and from 2022.
However, this doesn’t seem to have happened still, unless I just can’t find it.

It would be helpful to me, as both a published author and a screenwriter who is hoping to get a deal from a major streaming service such as Netflix or Paramount+ at some point.

And, honestly, the lack of these features is really the only thing stopping me from purchasing a Papyrus+ subscription. As a “regular” author, I don’t really need the + features Papyrus offers. However, they would be beneficial to screenwriters, I believe.
Papyrus’ main rival product - Scrivener - already offers screenwriting/playwriting features.

Is there any rough timeline for when this feature will finally make it into the product? I do understand that software development takes time, but I have also spent the vast majority of my teen and adult lives working for various software development companies (mainly in the gaming industry), so I also know it doesn’t take 3 years to develop.

Thank you for your time. Have a brilliant day!

Hi @Eternal_Raven, welcome to the Community! :raised_hands:

Scriptwriting is still in our to-do. It’s great to hear there’s interest for the feature–I’m exited for it as well!

We have a plethora of features under development. It’s a balancing act to choose among them, but your voice is heard, and I’ll mention this within the team. :slight_smile:

That’s so cool! :star_struck:

I’d love to hear more about your journey, and also…

Which features would you use in screenwriting? :smiley: