Auto-correct options

I’ve just signed up to the pro version (Windows) and love it so far! It’s going to totally streamline my workflow (I love the firefox research extension!)

One thing I’m already really struggling with is auto-correct options, or lack there of.

Is there a way to set certain words, like names, to always capitalise like in Word? Or to auto-correct frequently mistyped words (like the good old ‘teh/the’ as an example)?

If not, is this a feature you’re planning on adding in the near future?

Hi Alison,

in the above menu try Options -> Preferences -> then in the Preferences Window go to Spell Checking -> Auto Corrections.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:



Hi Joey,

I have done that (and made sure to have spell check on) but it doesn’t work properly, nor does it have a spot to input your own auto-correct options (such as names etc) as asked above.

If you think it’s not working as it should you might want to ask the support team. Personally, I don’t use autocorrect so I can’t say anything about that.

As for your own options you could use a text macro. Say, your character’s name is George then you could make a macro that changes ‘george’ to ‘George’ automatically. You find Text Macros in the menu under ‘Options’ -> ‘Text Macros’.


That’s what I was aiming to do by posting the question here, marked for support. I figured that someone who was part of the team would answer.

Text Macros will do for the few basic name auto-corrects that I like to have in place for now. So thanks for that suggestion!! :smile:

Still, I’m finding the system within the program seems insanely slow. I’m generally two lines or more away by the time the auto-correct picks up something like a missed capital at the start of a sentence, and it takes a number of sentences before any spelling mistakes/typos show up.