Background Colour

Hello there. Wondering if anyone can help with missing background colour. Tried using gradient, background image, and solid colour - anything but white - and none of them show up after exporting. Any ideas?

Much appreciated

Are you trying to put a graphic element behind your text?
If so, how did you do it and what format did you try to export in?

Background images are only exported for HTML but not for other formats. I think there is a note about this in the dialog. Background colours and gradients are only display settings and will not export anywhere as far as I know.

If you want a solid background colour in the document and in an exported PDF you need to place a rectangle on the page (or on the master page), change its colour, and arrange it behind the main text (right click > Position > Put Behind the Main Text)

Thank you for the response. Seems really counter intuitive, spent hours last night, even tried it with HTML and no luck. Used the rectangle method you suggested - Standard Page works on all pages apart from the front page ‘Front Matter’, any idea for work arounds to get front page as well?

Tried background image, solid colour, and gradient, exported in pdf, doc, and html, none show up any colour. Images show up but for some reason background images aren’t available, we found.

Tried to find another program that allows background colours. Strange to find such a simple and basic feature not available as standard.

Hi, welcome to the Community!

The background color setting is for displaying the document on your monitor, and will not print. This is to avoid printing a document with fully-colored pages by accident.

This is correct. The best way to do this is to add a background image to the master pages you use, and assign the page range accordingly.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to ‘Document’ → ‘Page Layout’ → ‘Master Pages’
  2. Select the master page you wish to add a background image to and click ‘Edit master Page’

  1. Add the background image to the master pages you want, right-click on the background images, navigate to ‘Position’ and select ‘Put Behind the Main Text’. You may have multple master pages in your document if you’re using, for example, Front Matter.

  1. You can choose which pages of your document uses which master page by assigning them in the ‘Assign Page Range’ tab.

  1. Once you’ve edited the master pages and assigned a page ranges for them, right-click on the text area of the document and select ‘Back to Main Text’ to exit the Master Page View.

If you navigate to ‘Document’ → ‘Page Layout’ → ‘Assign Page Range’, you can set which pages of your document use which master page.

You can read more on master pages in our wiki.