Backups being renamed, not iterated

Windows 10

Testing Current free version.

I set Papyrus Author up to use my OneDrive folder (subfolder “Papyrus Author”) and saved my project there. I opened it today to work on it, then checked OneDrive later and saw it had been RENAMING the backup file, not saving multiple numbered backups.

The OneDrive message (in the app ‘cloud’ icon list) said:
“Rev [0 5] Saved 14 hours ago… Renamed in Writing Into the Dark.backups 19 minutes ago”

So it is renaming the same file over and over, rather than saving extra backups. There is only ONE file in that backup folder. :thinking:

  • Have I set something up badly?

  • Is there an option I have got wrong?

  • Does it not work with OneDrive this way?

Hoping you can help me understand what is happening.

Hi, welcome to the Community!

If I understood correctly, you’re looking for the ‘Extended Backups’ feature. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Navigate ‘Document’ → ‘Document Properties…’

Document properties

  1. Select ‘Document Backups’ under ‘Backups/Versions’ from the left-hand menu

Extended Backups

  1. Check the box ‘Extended Backups’

After checking the box, you can define the number of backups you want to have.

There’s also a great tutorial video on backups in our YouTube Channel.

And here’s a Wiki article on it.

Let me know how it goes!

I had already set up the extended backups, but I did watch the video again and read the wiki page you linked.

I had two backups in the folder. One from a save yesterday, and one claiming it was saved 4 hours ago, but I only clicked the save button 15 minutes ago. (Maybe it was tracking a change)

There were NO AUTO backups in the folder.

I checked it was set to 10 minutes, like in Ben’s video (excellent by the way), but it did not seem to be working.

I sat and wrote for around 2 hours in the PA program this morning, with the same settings already in place, and I had no automatic backups in the folder.

I changed the timer from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, then changed it back again and left it. This seemed to trigger a backup after 10 minutes or so.

I don’t claim to understand what is going on, but it now seems to be working. Some weird glitch maybe?

Could you also visit the ‘Backups’ preferences of Papyrus Author? Here’s how to do it

Navitage ‘Options’ → ‘Preferences…’


Navigate to ‘Backups’ under ‘Documents


What is your ‘Max backup(s)’ value, and do you have correct path set up here as well?

Thanks, I already checked that after watching the video and reading the wiki page, I mentioned changing the auto-backup time from that form in my last post.

Max Backups is set to 8 and ‘Papyrus default location’ is selected.

My default path is set to OneDrive, and the “Backups will be stored in” location is the one I was expecting it to be.

Like I said - just a glitch hopefully.