Best way to learn Papyrus?

Have dug around, watched the videos, but everything seems like a shotgun approach. Obviously the program’s complex, but doesn’t seem like there are any linear tutorials to learn, rather seems like a hap-hazard approach to features.

Any opinions on best way to learn through beginner skills, then intermediate, etc?

Hi, welcome to the Community!

There’s tools for each step of your writing journey, and you can pick and choose which features help you right now. I don’t think anyone’s using all the features at the same time. If someone does, I’d love to hear from them! :grin:

What are you working on at the moment?

It’s completely fine to start with just a few of the features, and try out the tools as you go!

In addition to the videos, what kind of resources would you like to see?

Hi Sam.

I’m slogging through the videos, but in a few small cases current version of PA is not responding as the videos would indicate. I’ve posted about this (namely navigator element coloring - chapter, scene, etc.- does not appear despite timeline option checked in nav options, and timeline shows colors).

Anyway, slow but working. I’m importing my only work-in-progress novel from Scrivener, but it’s a slow and clumsy process. Nothing you guys and do, but it’s a lot of steps and mostly a ton of copy/paste since PA does not import into the one project file; always opens a non-project file from which I have to copy/past, then split up the scenes via copy/paste. A weak spot in what I’ve seen on the videos and in documentation is a clear checklist on converting from Scriv to PA. I think you guys are too close to it to see the clumsiness that someone like me who’s ignorant of PA runs into to.

Obviously, the best PA use is to write in it from scratch, but until I get this current novel out the door, I won’t be able to enjoy that ease of use scenario yet!


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Yep, some of the features have gone through a few updates after the videos were made!

The Navigator coloring bug is new - I was able to reproduce it, and we’ll get it fixed in the future. :slight_smile:

Is it possible for you to compile your book into one .docx Word file? That way you can drag and drop the .docx into to Papyrus Author, and it results in just one .pap document.

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I will try the compile method and start the project over (no biggie…haven’t done any editing, just moving a few chapters over to learn migration and how to use Papyrus).

Is there a way I can mark Scenes in Scriv where Papyrus will recognize and insert the marker so the scenes show in navigator?


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I’m not sure how the scenes are marked in Scrivener, but I think they don’t translate to Papyrus Author scenes.

If you export to a Word file, and you can have them carried over as comment boxes, they should turn up in Papyrus Author as well! :slight_smile: