Importing DocX created by another program doesn’t copy scene names

Is there some trick to this, or do Papyrus Author and Scrivener use different ways of storing the scene names/titles in the docx file?

If that’s the case, is there a workaround?

I tried transferring an in-progress file by exporting as DocX (default settings) from Scrivener, then dragged it into Papyrus Author to create a .pap file, but the scenes are not titled/marked up.

The original scene titles are hidden at the first character of each section in the .pap file as: Label “This is Scene 1”, for example, but no scene marker.

Is there a way to make Papyrus Author see those Labels as Scene markers or titles?

Could you snap a screenshot of how this looks in Papyrus Author? :construction_worker_man:

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I think @Inkmuser had recently a similar situation in this topic: Best way to learn Papyrus? - #5 by inkmuser

It’d be awesome to hear how he solved it! :grin:

If Scrivener has its own, unique marking style for Scenes, they might not translate over through export/import.

Is it possible for you to make the scenes into comments? Those carry over from the from a .docx file. :slight_smile:

I created a simple file in Scrivener with one chapter and 3 scenes, with some text, then Compiled it to DocX (Default). I then dragged and dropped that file to Papyrus Author (Mac) and as you can see it did not mark up a Chapter or Scene from the information provided by Scrivener.

I will repeat this in Windows which has popups when you hover over that spot.

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Windows version, with a shot of the opened info box.

It’s not the world’s most important issue.

There will be around 270 scenes in a completed novel, maybe 140 in what I have so far in the file I originally tried this with, so I can always spend an hour or two cutting and pasting from those info boxes, it’s just strange that the information is there but cannot be used.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Thanks for the screenshots! :+1:

It looks like these scene and chapter markers are hyperlinks instead of .docx or RTF comments, and that’s why the show up as “Labels”.

:bulb: Labels in Papyrus Author create a link to a different part of your book, for example, a heading or a picture, so you can do internal references inside the document.

Unfortunately, I think there’s no quick workaround for turning these markers into Papyrus Author’s scenes, because they are not using the same file format specification. :face_exhaling:

140 scenes is quite a batch to work through! Once you’re through managing the scenes, it should be smooth sailing from there! :grin:

Thanks. That makes sense. They must have decided to use the docx file/links in a different way.

After that one book is transferred I can create the new scenes in Papyrus anyway.

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