Best Writing Environment, Best Software Ever

I wanted to take a moment to complement the Papyrus Author development team on the best software application I’ve ever run.

I’m a retired software developer. Papyrus Author is not only the best application I’ve ever run, the software implementation is the easiest most intuitive user interface I’ve ever used. The tool is packed with features supporting the entire book authoring process but somehow manages to organize it’s functionality in such a way as to make the tool easy to use.

Kudos to the Papyrus Author development team. You are the best.



I like Papyrus, I used it to edit a book written by a friend and then export it into the publishing format of her choice. I am writing a series of church services for various festivals, as well as ordinary and communion services. I am going to include a section of ephemera such as poetry, hymns and ‘psalms’ which I have written. I have the services on my kindle now, which is easy to take to church or outside, home, hospital and nursing homes. Being able to export in different formats is valuable to me. Thank you.