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In the print dialog there is an option for booklet printing. I like that, but I haven’t been able to figure out how I can print a section or a chapter of a book. Many times it is necessary to print a book in sections and put them together in one book. How do you do that in Papyrus Author?
Papyrus (latest update)

For example, I have a document with 112 pages, and want to print 24 pages at a time in booklet format, which covers the whole book to page 112. But when I select to print from page 1 to page 24, then Papyrus starts with printing from page 1 but ends with printing page 112. How to solve this?
Or often you just want to print one random chapter in the book for some purpose, and it seems you cannot do that.


You can define a page range to print in the ‘Print’ menu:

  1. Navigate ‘File’ → ‘Print’
  2. Click on the ‘Pages from’ button to active Print range
  3. Select the pages you wish to print

Print range

Note that the page numbering of your document may differ from the actual number of pages of the document if your document has a Front Matter section (Title page, Book & Author section, Table of Contents).

You can check the page numbering by navigating ‘Document’ → ‘Page Layout’ → ‘Page Numbering’

Page Range Example

Page numbering

For example, this document has a Front Matter section of four pages, and the ‘First page is number’ value is set to -4 to make the front matter pages not count towards the page numbering.

If I wished to print specific pages of this document, I’d add 4 to the print range.

Here’s a Wiki article on Page Numbering: Variables

Here’s a tutorial video addressing Page Numbering: Creating a Paperback

Thank-you Sam, but as far as I can see, what you suggest is not so called “booklet printing.” To print genuine booklet printing you have to check the “use special options” command in the print dialog and then choose “2 Pages per sheet” and also check “Sort for binding” as you can see on the picture. Not until then do you get booklet printing (sort for binding), however, Papyrus Author doesn’t “sort for binding” like almost all software that has an option for booklet printing.

If you try you will see what I mean. Or have I missed something?

Sort for Binding

@lennart Papyrus treats the whole document as a booklet if you print with “sort for binding” switched on. That’s why you get pages 1 and 112, 2 and 111 and so on, even if you just tell it to print pages 1 to 24.

As a workaround, I’d suggest to save pages 1 to 24 as a PDF from the Print dialog (use the button “Save as PDF …” there) and then print the PDF with Adobe Reader’s booklet print option.


OK, the problem was not with me, thank-you Glucose! I like your suggestion to use Adobe Reader, which has a good booklet printing option. However, when you use Adobe Reader for booklet printing it shrinks the text. When my text is 82 mm high, it shrinks it to 75 mm. I don’t know why, perhaps they have forgotten to replace the us-letter paper size with A4 in the booklet printing option (I live in Europe, where all use page size A4).
The good news is that I finally found a pdf application that prints correct-sized booklets, PDF-XChange Editor. You can even choose how many sheets of paper you want in each section. For my current book (112 pp) I simply choose 7 paper sheets in the print options and then just press print, and the whole book is automatically printed, however, in the correct order: 1-28; 29-56; 57-84; 85-112. That’s great, still, it would be so much easier and handy to have it all in Papyrus Author, and not depend on third party software. Will that ever happen? It certainly would raise Papyrus Author far above the competition.

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Perhaps I should mention one more thing in connection with booklet printing. With many duplex printers follows a built-in possibility to print booklets. You usually find it in the printer menu. At least with my new printer, Hp Laserjet Pro M501, I have discovered that it works fine even with Papyrus Author. But for this to work, you have to do some changes in the Papyrus print menu. Go to “Special print options.” But don’t choose “Sort for binding,” rather set “Paper per sheet” to 1. Then you have to set “% extra zoom” to 141, like in the picture below. Then you can correctly print, for example, from page 1 to 20; 21-40 and so on, even in a book with 100 pages.
However, this usually doesn’t work if you run Papyrus under Linux (with Wine), which is my goal (Papyrus Author looks great in Wine!). Even if you have printer drivers for Linux they usually lack the booklet printing possibility made for Windows. That’s one more reason why it would be so MUCH better to have it all directly in Papyrus Author. And the only thing that has to be changed is the order in which pages are printed. Pages 1-20 should mean 1-20 even in booklet printing. At least to me (it-dummy) it seems like a simple thing to change.

Booklet Printing

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