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i wanted to change the font throughout the whole text. i switched to editorial friendly mode and then switched back. something went wrong in the process and a border has been put on the pages. its really annoying and i find it clostrophobic to look at.

can anyone tell me how to change it?
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Welcome to the Community :smiley:

The border around the pages represents the printable area. These lines, along with other elements such as tabs and carriage returns, can be made visible (or hidden) under the “Show Invisible Elements” option under the View menu. To show or hide all the invisible elements, toggle this option on the menu.

If you want to show some elements but hide others, you can select which ones to display in the Preference settings (under the Options menu). Go to Appearance - Element Display.

I hope this helps.

You can also do that easily by pressing the keyboard short-cut: ctrl/shift/D. I do that all the time. It is often an advantage to see these hidden elements.

This option enables the “Display as Print Preview” view which is slightly different to “Show Invisible Elements”. The options can be used together or independently.

If you have “Show Invisible Elements” turned on, then using the shortcut (or clicking on the menu option) will automatically toggle all the invisible elements on and off as well. However, if this option is not enabled, the shortcut (or menu option) will only show or hide the options specifically covered by the print preview settings (e.g. comments, scene markers, etc.). This means, using the shortcut will not necessarily display the print margins, paragraph ends, etc. as you may also need to enable the invisible elements option if you want to see these.

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Thank-you Eva for clarifying the difference. I learned something new, and evidently shouldn’t be too quick to pronounce myself an expert :slight_smile:

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It’s great to share knowledge, especially when it’s tips on how you like to work within the programme. There is so much you can do in Papyrus Author that there are always new things to learn :grinning: