Hi all.

Is there a way that you can turn down the screen brightness, or go into night mode like on my phone?

I’m working in the evening and the white screen is so bright I am having trouble focusing on the keyboard which is darker and I don’t want to put a glaring bright light on it as it’s evening and I want to stay relaxed.

Maybe there is a way to change the screen and font around quickly and I just can’t see it. Also I don’t want to change my laptops settings as I know it has a night mode, but all it does is dim the screen, I’d rather have the background dark and the writing light, like on my kindle.

If anyone could help or new a quick fix I’d much appreciate it.


Hi there,

you could try working in distraction free mode. Under Windows you find this at View → Distraction Free. There is also an icon for this.

Then right-click next to the writing area and choose Distraction Free Settings. There you can change the colors of background, pinboards and text to your liking, making the background dark and font lighter.

Hope that helps!


Ooooh, I shall try that, thanks for the suggestion.

I don’t normally use the distraction mode as it’s just be a pain having to go in and out to add on new characters, and places etc to the databases, as and when they enter the story.

But it could still be better than being blinded by the light. Is that a song title?

Cheers Joey.


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