Bug in Spellcheck of document additions

Operating System WIndows 11

Papyrus Author Version 11.05a

If you add a word to the “Consider Correct in Document” and the word is capitalized, the lower case use of the word is always marked as an error and can never be added. If the word added was lower case, the Upper Case usage is correctly not marked as an error.

To reproduce:

  1. Make up a word using an Upper case. Example: Fluffle
  2. Observe the word is marked as a spelling Fluffle
  3. Select “Consider Correct in Document”
  4. Observe the word is no longer an error
  5. Add the lowercase form of the word. Example: fluffle
  6. Observe that it is marked as an error.
  7. Select “Consider Correct”
  8. Observe that the lowercase for is always an error
  9. Edit the Document specific dictionary and change the Entry to lowercase. Example: change Fluffle to fluffle.
  10. Observe that both forms are accepted as correct.

The bug here appears to be that if the word is added as uppercase, the lowercase is always an error. If the word is added as lowercase, both cases work correctly.

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Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce the behavior as you described it, and I have sent it to the development team. :slight_smile: