Bug in the Timeline time axis with time warp feature


I use the time warp feature in my timelines, but I have recognized two bugs

  1. With the time warp feature switched on, the values in the time axis are wrong, when I move the timeline over the border of the time warp area → please see video Wrong_Time_Axis_with_time_warp.mkv

  2. With the time warp feature switched on, the values in the time axis disappear, if I zoom in into my timeline → please see video “Missing_Time_Axis_with_time_warp.mkv”

Best wishes

timewarp.zip (8.9 MB)

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Thanks for bringing this up, and extra thank you for the videos - awesome that you recorded them! :heart_eyes:

Yep, this is a clear case - it seems to also disappear when the timeline is zoomed in a lot, inside a day or so. :white_check_mark:

For this one, it would be super helpful if you can send over a .pap file with a timeline where this happens. I’m not 100% sure what’s causing it. :construction_worker_man: :wrench:

I’ve reduced the document to the absolut minimum. The bug is still there:
Charaktere.pap (58.4 KB)

And I’ve found yet another bug. If you zoom out in the timeline as much as you can, Papyrus crashes :wink:

Yep, I got the same crash! :hammer:

Thank you! I couldn’t solve this immediately, so I’ll dig in and get back to you as soon as I have anything. :building_construction:

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Thanks for the patience - I think I’ve got it down.

It looks like the dates going haywire is caused by the Timeline trying to lay out the years. The math doesn’t work out in a nice way, because of the long Time Warp, and a long period of emptiness after:

:wrench: In this screenshot, the red area in the center is the time warp, and on both sides there’s a lot of time without events.

Do you have planned events there, or could the Time Warp be extended to close these gaps?

:bulb: It’s a good idea to take a backup of your project before you try this fix out - in case you want to go back later on. :slight_smile:

Here’s a tutorial on backups: Backups

And here’s what it looked like to me after I extended the Time Warp:


I’ve noted that this misbehavior happens, but I don’t have an immediate fix for it in mind. :grin: