[BUG] Spelling corrections marks ",«" as wrong

Windows 10 Pro
Papyrus version 10.07b

The spelling corrections marks every instance of “,«” as wrong, giving the error “add a space between the punctuation and the next word”. That’s clearly wrong in this context and makes running a spell check nigh impossible, as I would have to press “is correct” a few hundred times.

Is there any way to side step this bug until it’s fixed?


Hello Marc, welcome to the Community!

You can use ‘Find and Replace’ to mark all instances of ‘,«’ and use the regular ‘Ignore Here’ menu item in the context menu to remove the spellcheck markings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to ‘Edit’ → ‘Find/Replace’
  2. Type ‘,«’ in the ‘Find’ field, and click the ‘Mark’ button.
  3. Right click on any highlighted instance of ‘,«’ and choose ‘Ignore Here’

This way the ‘Ignore Here’ selection applies to all the marked instances of ‘,«’ in your document.

marking elements in Find

Have fun writing with Papyrus Author! :slight_smile:

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Hi Sam,

thank you for the workaround, worked like a charm. Any chance this bug is getting fixed soon? I remember it popping up during closed beta :sweat_smile:.