Bug when exporting epub files, all lang and xml:lang attributs set to "de"

Operating System Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version 11.06

I work with the English Papyrus Author software with the document language set to English/US on a German Windows 10. When I export an .epub file and look at the resulting code, every paragraph is wrapped in a tag. Is that because the system language is German? Or are the epub templates not changed to English yet?

Why does it wrap every single paragraph anyway? Wouldn’t it be enough to define the language once for every chapter?

Hi, I couldn’t reproduce this issue. Could you send an example Papyrus Auhtor document where this behavior occurs, so I can take a closer look what might be causing it?

You can attach .pap files to your post by simply dragging and dropping them into the reply field.

Okay, so I don’t want to send you the complete manuscript. I tried to reproduce with a fresh file, but had no issue there. So I just copied over the first few pages from the manuscript and exported to epub and the same thing happened again.

It could have something to do with the metadata. I left everything as default for this, so just my first name shows up as author name, but in the original project, I had my complete publisher address in it as well, which includes the name “Mönchengladbach” so it has an ö-Umlaut, so that’s what’s causing it?

If you look at the generated epub file, you’ll see that the lang tags start directly after the publisher field (which was the field with the Umlaut in the original file). I tried exporting with different templates and the problem is always the same. So it seems like the language information is somehow written in my manuscript itself, but I have no idea why?

I did copy and paste my chapters back and forth to (a German) Word, because I’m using ProWriting Aid and it does not integrate with Papyrus. Maybe that’s how the language tags snug in? But that does not explain them showing up on the copyright page, because that page did not even exist when I did the grammar check.

The tags seem to have no decremental effect, the epub works just fine on any reader I tested it with, they just blow up the source code and make it difficult to read.

test.epub (73.4 KB)
test.pap (82.7 KB)

I opened test.pap and then opened the Text > Language and Hyphenation window. Then I clicked on several text parts in the document and watched the Text Language popup menu. In the Copyright section the language is set to Default (English) but in the Lifeline chapter it is set to German, so it makes sense that this paragraph would be exported with an attribute lang=“de”.

So I guess you need to select all the German text and change its language setting to English. To do so, click in some text where German is the current language setting, then click “Mark” in the Language and Hyphenation window, and change the Text Language popup to Default (English). Apply.


Thanks so much for this (yup, it’s me, I changed my user name, sorry for the confusion). I tried it out yesterday and it worked like a charm. I still have no idea how the wrong language settings got in there in the first place, but I suppose it happened when I copied the chapters back and forth from Word.