Bug with Chapter headings and Named Characters

Operating System Windows 11

Papyrus Author Version 11.05a

If you have a numbered chapter heading, and the first word of the chapter title is a name in the Character database, the Chapter heading is colorized as if it was a nane. And the character popup appears when hovering over the Chapter and number.

  1. Create a new numbered chapter.
  2. Type the name of a character as the first word in the chapter title.
  3. Observe the colorization of the Chapter Heading
  4. Hover over the word “Chapter”
  5. Observe the character sheet popup.
  6. Insert an extra space between the chapter number and the character name.
  7. Observe the colorization and popup behavior is different (and expected)

This seemed to be the case in older versions of Papyrus author as well.
Thanks for everything.

Thank you for reporting this bug, and the detailed step-by-step guide on how to reproduce it!

I was able to reproduce the problem, and I have reported it to the development team. :smile: :+1:

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