Can I pick up where I left off between Mac and windows computers?

Operating System

**Papyrus Author Hi I have the software downloaded originally on my Mac and my account is a Pro. So now, I’d like to use it on my new HP computer/ windows. Will I be able to go back and forth between computers? I’d like to pick up where I left off on either one. How do I save my project so I’m able to use it on any computer? Is that possible? Please let me know! Thank you :blush:! Michaela

I use my Documents folder and sync it to my Microsoft OneDrive. I can then sync that OneDrive folder to any other PC automatically, by setting it up the same way. ( I regularly switch between two desktops and a laptop all running Windows 10 and have had no issues this way)

I believe saving DIRECTLY to OneDrive or Dropbox may cause sync issues, but as long as the local folder is synced before the system is shut down, then you should have a good working copy you can use from anywhere.

You just need to find a cross platform sync that does the same thing.


Thank you :blush:!!! I will try to this today!!!