Can I use speech to text?

I tend to use a mixture of typing and speech to text (for when my brain is working faster than my fingers or I’m tired). I don’t see the option here. Is it possible to use dictation in Papyrus? I would love to switch from word but really do need this flexibility to make it work for me.

On PC I have used Dragon Pro to type into PA, but it cannot correct - only type or delete. I don’t know if other dictation methods would differ. If I need to dictate rather than type, I use Dragon’s built in editor and then do a “Select All - Copy That” and paste it into PA.

On the Mac, Apple Dictation seems to ignore PA completely. I dictate and it types nothing. Works fine in Pages, so I would probably dictate into that and then do the Select-Copy command there too.

I have the same problem. I would LOVE to dictate straight into PA, but I have to dictate into a text file first… it’s just faster, and I can make voice corrections. Then I paste that into PA and use the PA real-time editor, which is great.

I would love to see a Dragon Naturally Speaking plug-in for Papyrus.

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