Can I work offline with Papyrus Author?

Windows 10

Version v10.07a

Hi. I have a question here; do one have to be online every time they use the software to write?

Hello, welcome to the Community. :slight_smile:

Papyrus Author needs to check in with its update and authentication server on a weekly basis, but can be used mostly offline. This cycle allows us to provide the best service possible and it usually takes just under a minute.

We recently lost the internet during a storm. I opened Papyrus and a message said it couldn’t authenticate server (no internet) and then closed the program on it’s own. Is there a procedure to operate offline in a limited capacity so the program stays open after closing that message or should I not close the message and wait for it to go away?

I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope it gets sorted out soon!

If you have access to the internet with your phone or other mobile device, you can use it as a temporary internet hotspot for your computer during the verification process.

The internet access is only needed for the moment where Papyrus Author checks up on the update and authentication server, and takes less than a minute. After the check-in, Papyrus Author will run offline.

All your files are of course safely on your device and are waiting to be opened with an active Papyrus Author installation.

Thank you Sam.

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Could it be a good idea if Papyrus Author doesn’t close down just after one connection trial? Let’s say not until six times, which means six weeks, and then the storm certainly has passed. Another question, would it work to menwhile use the demo version, even if you cannot print, it seems you can otherwise work as usual?

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Thank you for the ideas and feedback.

We are looking into making the validation process more convenient in the future. :slight_smile:

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The file manager Directory Opus has really good model. Works offline 100%. It just uses every opportunity it gets to check for valid license online. No fixed timeframes.

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