Can Papyrus support drop caps


I’m a new user, can Papyrus support dropped caps?
I Imported my Word doc and ny first chapter characters showed up as regular size.


Hi Sue and welcome to the Community :grinning:

There is currently no special formatting option for creating drop caps for the first character of your first word in a chapter. However, there are several options available, depending on what you want to do.

The simplest, for example, is to make the first character larger than then rest. Do this by simply highlighting that letter and changing the font size in the toolbar:


However, be aware that changing your style settings at any point may reset the changes you make this way.

If you are looking for something more ornamental, or want to avoid other style changes causing a conflict, use a graphic for the letter (either an image or a text box) and insert this into your text.
Right click on the inserted image to access the Graphic Properties (text wrapping, Anchor, Position, etc.):


These options will help you align the graphic with the text flowing around it.

Thank you!

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Having the ability to create drop caps would be an awesome addition to Papyrus Author. I hope it’s being considered as a new feature request. Right now if I create drop caps inside of Word and then import the document into Papyrus Author, I lose the drop caps and have to recreate them in Word again after I’ve exported the documents.

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Simple drop caps can be simulated in Papyrus by moving the first character of a paragraph into a text frame and format the frame separately. This frame can later be reused for other paragraphs with drop caps.

Example: DropCaps.pap (5.0 KB)

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I found the only reliable ways of getting dropcaps was to format with Amazon’s KindleCreate software or to buy Vellum. I went for the latter, but KC does a good job too, just not as many bells and whistles.

I tried to do it in PA’s CSS files, but just couldn’t get it to work without jumping through hoops in configurations and styles. I had the money, so I bought something that just does the job. No fuss. No extra formatting needed.