Can't update to latest version

MAC Big Sur

1105a dmg

Please help, every time I try to update, the only version that downloads is 1105a (even with your link in a reply to another member and also on your papyrus 2022 is here link.)

I am stuck with the prompt that this version has reached the end of its support cycle and expired. I am still making regular payments, but can’t access the program at all.

Please help

Sorted it … I had a link on the dock I was using. Stupidly I didn’t pick up on the fact it was linked to the old version(and prompt) . Deleted that link, and used the new link, and it works fine !


Glad to hear you sorted it out!

You can always see what’s the newest version, and download the installer from the ‘My Account’ page:

Have fun writing with Papyrus Author! :slight_smile: