Celebrating the Best Contributions of Week #1

The results are in!

:leaves: A windfall of creativity
Together, we wrote more than 30,000 words during the first week. That’s about the length of a novella!

Submissions Total words Average reading time
48 over 30,000 1 hour

And the winner is:

Contributor Submission Votes
TanyaDawson “The smell of burned pancakes …” 16 :heart:

More reader's favorites:

Luck was with:

The most popular entry of the first week of Turning Tales defies expectations and breaks down a persistent positive stereotype. @TanyaDawson’s first-person narrator scarfs down the last bites of their sandwich as they enter their grandma’s house, already smelling burned pancakes, “unsure when I would have my next edible meal”.

In the second-most popular entry, food is scarce, unpleasant and evokes memories of violence-because that’s all @orangeaya‘s protagonist can conjure up at this point. The story leaves us worried for a scrawny child with a growling belly that seems to be all alone in the world.

The third runner-up seems harmless enough at the beginning. The protagonist’s mother passed following a long illness. He spends a few nights in his childhood home, the place needs to be cleared of the debris of her life. The protagonist finds a box of VHS tapes and watches them as if The Ring had never happened, uncovering childhood trauma while munching on pumpkin pie – a delightfully creepy tale by @RTGraver.

You’ve done amazing work. Congratulations, and keep on writing!

A full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to @TanyaDawson. On top of that, one participant was chosen by luck of the draw to receive another full year of Papyrus Author+: @sharynlodge! We’ll send you both an email where you can use your prizes for yourself or gift them to that one friend who always talks about writing a book.

We’re excited for what you’ll write in the upcoming weeks!

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Thank you so much! Really enjoying the weekly challenges and reading other people’s stories.


I want to say congratulation to all the winners of Week 1. Great job!


Wow! Thank you so much! I really wasn’t expecting this and must’ve missed your first email completely. I’m on holiday at the moment but am on my way home tomorrow so will definitely continue to try and meet the challenge of the Turning Tales community.


Many congratulations