Celebrating the Best Contributions of Week #10

The results are in!

:leaves: A windfall of creativity
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14 36 275

And the winner is:

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emilywlove Death Stalks the Gothic Novel Heroine 5 :open_book:

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RTGraver THE NOTEBOOK 4 :book:
Bizarre.Dais 괴물 “Goemul” 3 :book:

Luck was with:

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PetraPan The Barbie with brains 2 :open_book:

I stilled myself, struggling to present a calm face to this man who, just hours before, I was sure was in love with me. What had I done, what had I discovered, to turn this gentle lover into the stranger whose cold-steel eyes glared at me with an intensity that made me catch my breath?

Ah, the classic Gothic novel, there it is: the gloomy mansion, the Byronic hero (ready to turn villain at the drop of a hat) and the trembling heroine (who can’t quite figure out the mansion’s floor plan). @emilywlove perfectly worked out the contradictions and impossibilities of the genre. Congratulations!

We imagined the scene, and we shuddered.

No one thought that this year could get any worse. That was until I watched my son open his presents.

@RTGraver’s Christmas story parody reassures us that Santa is real – and reminds us once again that everything we enjoy is made with lead or slave labor, often both.

Do-yun stood in the gas station, looking at the limited selection of ramen. If he could, he’d get more food somewhere else- anywhere else, but this town only had one diner and the food looked like toxic waste dumped in grease.

A Korean person in Nevada, tasked with hunting down a bug-eyed monster and forever distracted by his American co-worker who seems to be able to read his mind. Things get confusing fast in @Bizarre.Dais’ sci-fi parody.

Keep on writing!

One full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to @emilywlove. On top of that, one participant was chosen by luck of the draw to receive another full year of Papyrus Author+: @PetraPan !

Week 11 Luck of the Draw

Now, even our spontaneous extra Christmas week of Turning Tales has come and gone. Since it was a party and not a competition, everyone’s a winner and two lucky participants get a prize: @cieranjr and @hilsk60 – one full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to each of you!

Thank you, everyone, for an amazing writing season! :heart_eyes:

Happy new writing year! :fireworks: