Celebrating the Best Contributions of Week #6

The results are in!

:leaves: A windfall of creativity
Together, we created 14 fateful moments this week. That’s enough for at least 3 novels!

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14 60 330

And the winner is:

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efierro3172 Then and Now 10 :open_book:

More reader's favorites:

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Jer Forest Magic 9 :book:
RTGraver The Void 9 :book:

Luck was with:

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athena Luck 3 :open_book:

I had moved away and tried to start over, but nothing was ever the same for me, just a completely empty vessel walking through the life I have in a foreign world that I don’t really know how to navigate.

Ten years after he lost the love of his life, the protagonist of @efierro3172’s entry returns to his home town. His girlfriend died, and the young man blames himself for not walking her home that night. A deeply felt story about coming to terms with death.

Thank you @efierro3172 for your submission – one full year of Papyrus Author+ for best entry goes to you!

I don’t trust the quiet, forests are not naturally silent places; rats and voles move, birds chirp and fly, not this still silence, waiting to be broken. I send my senses ahead of me, trying to find the predator which I know is waiting in ambush.

Scimitar-toothed cats are sizeable predators, and if @Jer’s protagonist didn’t have the power to dilate time, she might have died. She slays two of them instead. Between the roots of a tree, she finds their offspring: “From such huge parents, the kitten is tiny, mottled, tawny, perfectly camouflaged for forest living. I can feel the baby mind pushing against mine and I let her see my regret.” We only get a glimpse into the world of @Jer’s story, but we want to know more.

This is a message from the future. This is a message from the past. This is a message from this exact moment in space and time. I have seen the end of the universe. I have seen the beginning, and I have seen every moment in between. I send my story out into the void.

@RTGraver tells the story of a man lost in time in the most literal sense. His short story is a frightening thought experiment and a stern warning against time travel.

It was the best of times. Keep on writing!

One full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to @efierro3172. On top of that, one participant was chosen by luck of the draw to receive another full year of Papyrus Author+: @athena!

In the eighth week of Turning Tales, we unearth hidden treasure.


Thank you I had a lot of fun writing this piece and participating it has definitely sparked some new ideas for me as well



This is awesome! Every prompt for this event has been really fun to indulge in. Thank you so much!


Many congratulations to the winners :star_struck: