Celebrating the Best Contributions of Week #9

The results are in!

:leaves: A windfall of creativity
In only 22 entries, our characters have committed bigamy, arson, assault with and without blunt weapons, manslaughter and several murders. And it wasn’t even a crime story challenge.

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22 76 400

And the winner is:

Contributor Submission Votes
calebtthomas Autumn 11 :open_book:

More reader's favorites:

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Jer Siblings 7 :book:
RTGraver The Cave 5 :book:

Luck was with:

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albertsun05 The Battle of the Clearing 2 :open_book:

Fire can cook food and clear ground, ward off predators and melt metals. In this short but concise entry, @calebtthomas uses it as a means of conflict resolution. Only a siren in the far distance hints at the story’s final twist.

“And you’ll be dead first, because you’re older than me!”

Older siblings: They are born with an unfair head start. And they flaunt it. There’s nothing quite like a younger sibling’s first quick-witted retort. @Jer expressed all of this in four lines of dialogue.

“My dear Henri, as of today Mademoiselle Girard is your new boss.”
Henri’s smile froze. He sat there as if turned into stone and felt like a goal-keeper after missing a penalty kick. No, this couldn’t be right.

The main character of @PetraPan’s entry lives through one of the most frustrating plot twists working life has to offer: He gets all the praise, but the promotion goes to someone else. How would you react?

It wasn’t enough having to sit under the fluorescent lights that made me look like I was forever trying on bathing suits in a cheap store, I had to listen to the idiot next door TALKING under his breath.

When the pressure is high enough, everything can turn into a weapon. Even a lovely flower pot painted by your grandson. @wendyalowden’s entry comes with a delightfully amoral outlook and imagery you can feel creeping under your skin.

Keep on writing!

One full year of Papyrus Author+ goes to @calebtthomas. On top of that, one participant was chosen by luck of the draw to receive another full year of Papyrus Author+: @Amadicia!

Now is the time to go to the 10th and final week’s thread and vote for your favorite entry. It’s your last chance to show your fellow writers your appreciation – in this season, that is. :leaves:

Is Turning Tales coming to an end? Yes. And no. @Gwendy from the German-speaking Papyrus Community initiated and co-created an unofficial 11th week of Turning Tales. It’s not a competition, it’s a party. This week’s writing topic is Christmas.