Change Chapter Syles

Trying to edit the Chapter styles is driving me nuts. What I want is to have a large chapter number, center justified, with the title of the chapter in large font centered below it. I can’t figure out any way of making this happen. When I try to live-edit the chapter heading, hitting enter just creates another chapter, or moves me to the next chapter. How can I easily change/create the chapter heading style that I want?

Hit Shift-Enter after the chapter number. This will insert a soft line break instead of a paragraph break.

Also make sure that the format description for the numbered heading style at Paragraph > Styles > Enumeration says [1] without any characters following it. Otherwise the number might be off centre.

If you want the font size for the number to be different from the chapter heading then create a text style with the desired font size and apply it to the Numbering text style in the same place (it normally is set to same as paragraph text).