Changing the number of columns throughout a document

Is there an easy way that will allow switching between one and two columns within a document? As an example: The title pages are single column while the bulk of the document is two columns except for captions under large illustrations, which would be single column.

Thanks you in advance . . .

You need to use master pages to do that, but it’s not too difficult. Every document has a Standard master page which is usually single column. It can be duplicated, and the duplicate’s layout changed to two columns. Then you apply the two-column master page to the pages you want to change, for example page 2 to 10, but the title page 1 and the last pages 11 and 12 remain on Standard with one column.

  1. Open Document > Page Layout > Master Pages
  2. Click on “Standard”
  3. Click on “New Master Page”
  4. Change the name to “Two Columns”
  5. Click on “Two Columns”
  6. Click on “Edit Master Page”
  7. Click on “Page Layout”
  8. Change the number of columns and their spacing
  9. Click on “Assign Page Range”
  10. Select the Page range in the bottom left and the “Two Columns” master page on the bottom right side and apply.
  11. Close the dialog and click in the gray rectangles indicating the columns to return to the main text.