Character bug?

I’m trying to put in ‘R. Reyes’ as a character name, but it’s not registering. I’m not having any other difficulties with Characters. Is the space or the period the problem? How am I supposed to refer to this character?

I came up with a workaround. I input R. Reyes as a character name, then manually linked every mention of their name to the character record by right-clicking and selecting “Link to My Characters.” It worked, but was tedious. I would love if we could register a character name with a period in it.

In addition I have a new question. What is the purpose of the “Link to My Character/Things/Places” function? Isn’t the software supposed to automatically link based on the names you put in the record? If so, isn’t the function superfluous? I’m glad it’s in place since I could use it as a workaround, but I’m just checking in case there is another use case that I hadn’t thought of! Thanks.

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At the moment, the character database doesn’t recognize any special characters, which is why your name “R. Reyes” isn’t picked up.

Another solution would be to utilize the “Additional Names and Unique Descriptions” field. Entering “Reyes” here, for example, would create an automatic link to that part of the name. This would then be picked up automatically for every occurrence in your text.

The manual link is available as some users will link words or even passages of text to a database record. The usage of this depends on how you are using the databases. It is a one-off link, unlike the automatic link, as the purpose is slightly different.

Hope that helps :smiley:

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Thank you Eva! That is good to know and gives me more ideas for how to use those database records. :slight_smile:

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