Character database backup

Windows 10, Papyrus Author 11.06b, the your beauty version.

Ok, so here’s the go. I have my character database and other files stored locally, but they are backed up to One Drive. I frequently get errors that files in the character database folder haven’t saved / synced.

The two files that are giving me gyp at the moment are the MyCharacters.lbk file, and the MyCharacters.set file.

They still work, and there is no problem with the software accessing them, it’s just the pesky backup process. If any one has any feedback on this I would be very appreciative.

Chris Parfoot


If you check out the Path to My Characters in your document, does it point to the One Drive, or your local folder? I’m thinking, if this sync issue could be caused by your book using a backup file as the active Character Database.

If the path directs to the backup, you can change it to the active folder’s “My Characters” file, and see if that fixes the problem. :slight_smile:

You can find the “Path to My Characters” option by navigating ‘Author’ → ‘My Project…’ → ‘Path to My Characters’.

Let me know how it goes!