Character Database Error

I think I deleted something I shouldn’t have…I think I had a good reason at the time.

I was messing around with the Character Database and messed something up, and then deleted something. But now I’m getting this error every time I open the program and sometimes when I try and do other things. I dont mind starting my character database over again if I have to, but I want the darn pop up to go away. Help Please!!


Operating System
Windows 10

Papyrus Author Version

Since the database file “My Characters.pb” is newer than the log file I would click on “Ignore Log File”. With the database open, click on File > Clean Up Database. This will create a new and up-to-date log file which should make the message vanish.

Thanks! But that option is greyed out :frowning: Is there something I need to do to let me use that option?

Then try the Sync Database option or quit Papyrus and delete the My Characters.log file.