Character database question

Operating System IOS Mac

Papyrus Author Version 11.06b

Hi there,

I’m really enjoying Papyrus and starting to work my way around it. I can’t seem to add ‘characters present’ in the scene in the navigator though, only ‘characters mentioned’. Is there a way to do this?

It’s always great to hear this!

Papyrus Author has quite a few features, so exploring them, and figuring out how to leverage them to match your own writing style is always a fun and interesting exercise :grin:

I can recommend checking out a tutorial playlist that matches the part of writing journey you’re on right now. You can find the playlists here: Playlists

When you plan on introducing characters in the book’s chapters, you can drag and drop them into the ‘Planned in Chapter’ field of the Navigator:


Adding Characters to Planned

The ‘Characters Mentioned’ tab is the Navigator’s way of telling you who’s already mentioned in the chapter, and how many times. For example, the above-shown video shows Aoife(3), which means she’s already mentioned three times in the chapter.

This feature is great for making sure your cast shows up only in the chapters they’re supposed to. :slight_smile:

:bulb: If you don’t see this menu in your navigator, click on the ‘Toggle Tabs’ button on the bottom-right of the navigator to activate it.