Checking in for 2024

Hello as a new user!

First I like how your forum is set up, really visually appealing and practical

Second, I really like the features of Papyrus Author and am interested in trying it but it is looking like that it has not been updated since 2022? Or is the name of the software not a reference to the year. Your social media pages have not been updated since 2023. Are there plans for at least continuous bugfix and security releases of Papyrus Author if I may ask? If I subscribe will I gain more access to features as promised?


  • Katrina

Hi Katrina, and welcome to the Community! :raised_hands:


Absolutely! We’re both maintaining and actively developing Papyrus Author. The latest update is from Dec. 2023: Papyrus Author 11.09e Update.

:newspaper: You can find all the release notes in the News section: Papyrus Author News


Before subscribing, I’d recommend trying out the free version. Maybe bring in a work-in-progress if you have one, and explore the features to get a feel for it.

:bulb: Upgrading to Papyrus Author+ is easy—your free version updates automatically when you restart it after subscribing.

I’d love to hear what you’re working on! :grimacing:

There are a lot of features packed into Papyrus Author. Depending on what’s next for you, here are some videos on the most used features: Papyrus Author Playlists

Have fun! :construction_worker_man: :wrench: