Color coding in Navigator not working

Mac 10.15

Papyrus Author Pro

I’m trying to get my navigator to color code elements like chapters, events, scenes, etc. As we see in all the screenshots. I’ve watch videos and read everything and it appears I am doing things correctly but nothing changes. I’ve clicked on the switch to show the colors from the timeline. The timeline wasn’t color-coded with the default colors until I changed them to different colors, then the timeline displaces some color variation. However, that doesn’t show up in the navigator. I can manually change the look of each chapter, event, scene individually, but that is a hassle and I’d rather the colors be assigned based on the element being added.

Am I missing a step?
Is this a bug?
Not sure what else to try.

Welcome to the community!

The Navigator lets you color-code chapters, scenes and events based on their thread color in the Timeline.

This works best when you assign colors to the Timeline threads yourself.

So, for example, if you color-code your timeline like this (blue, yellow, red):

It will appear like this in the Navigator:

Threads can be used in a multitude of ways.
They could cover separate plotlines running through the book; different periods of time, e.g. childhood, adulthood, etc. Or, you could also use them for the different elements. So, for example, you could have all chapters in one thread, all scenes in another, etc.

It is also possible to assign each individual element a separate color in the Navigator:

This will override the Timeline thread color displayed. So, for example changing scene 2 to gray, it will appear in the Navigator like this:

And the color of that element will copy across to the Timeline:

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Thank you for your feedback. I think I had a different idea how the colors worked in timeline/navigator.

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