Confirmation email keeps telling me to download

I have downloaded and installed, but the confirmation emails say I still need to download. I can’t get past this problem. Even the program says I’m here, but when I try to go to a blank “start page” board I can’t find a way to get there.

Hi, welcome to the Community!

I’m not familiar with this problem - did I get it right that Papyrus Author opens, but you can not start a new writing project?

If you’re able to take a screenshot of your screen when the problem occurs, that would be super helpful! Just drag and drop the image into the reply field, and I’ll take a look.

How to take a screenshot

Here is a guide on how to take screenshots on mac: Take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support

and on Windows: Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots

Thanks in advance. I’m sure we’ll get you writing in no time!

Thanks Sam - figured it out.

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