Continuous Line Numbering

I’m evaluating PA before purchase; and, thus far, I’m impressed. My question relates to line numbering. I’ve turned on line numbering; but the numbering starts anew on each page. Is there a setting/option to make the line numbering continuous throughout the document?

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Windows 10
Papyrus Author Free version 10.05 Win64 dated 2020-7-21

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No, the line numbering only runs on a page by page basis. Usually you would quote the page and line number rather than just a line number.

Can you provide an example of when you would need to quote just the line number?

There is no setting to do this as @Eva wrote but it can be simulated using text objects on the master page in which line numbers are calculated based on the page number using the Insert > Hypertext > Reference function.

The formula to calculate a continuous line number is:

line_number + (page - 1) * number_of_lines_per_page

See the example document in the attachment.

The text box with the line numbers is placed on the master page so it will be displayed on every document page that’s formatted using this master page. The box is also set to be shown only on screen but not printed which can be changed by selecting the box and then right click > Position > Dimensions > Show only on screen

continuous line numbers.pap (4.6 KB)

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That’s awesome, thanks @glucose :+1: :smiley:

Just one thing to be aware of with doing this - the more lines you have, the wider the box displaying the numbers will need to be. The bigger the box needs to be to display the number of lines, the more it will affect how many words appear on each line.

The importance of this will depend on what you are using the line numbers for. For example, in the “Editor-Friendly pages” the format is set to specifically contain a “standard” amount of text: 30 lines, each with a maximum of 60 characters (not including hyphenation) because the number of editor pages is used to determine the amount of text, and, later, the scale of the book.

The box is placed outside the normal text area, so the worst thing that could happen is a break in the line numbers if they get too long, and subsequently the line numbers will be quite scrambled. :wink:

If this happens, then the box can be widened (preferably to the left) to accommodate the longer numbers or the font size of the numbers could be decreased. Before decreasing the font size I’d change the line height to an absolute value so that it stays in sync with the main text.

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Good Day Eve and Glucose:

Many thanks to both you and @glucose for your assistance with my line numbering situation. The circumstance that I’m working with involves a manuscript with continuous line numbers, but no page breaks. In other words, it’s akin to a web page consisting of 11,250 lines.

The solution @glucose proposes will work. However, I believe I’ll write a PERL program that will: 1) paginate my Unix document in accordance with the page geometry I selected in PA; and, 2) assign line numbers as assigned in PA.

I sincerely appreciate your efforts to assist in this matter.

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