Copy a 'Blank Project' Starter with Pinboard populated?

I always start my projects the same way. A 6x9 Fiction with the same things on the Pinboard every time. I have created a ‘blank project’ in which the pinboard already contains the post-its I always place there.

What is the easiest way to retain the pinboard layout, but save it as a new project every time I want to start a new novel or story so I don’t have to keep setting this up?

Just to be clear, what I want to do is start a new project, under a new name, but have it already be set up as 6x9F, without having to recreate all the notes I use every time.

I have tried copying and renaming a pre-created folder, but that didn’t work as the project file seems to keep a reference to the old path or filename and throws up an error.

I’ve created 3 novels and 2 shorts so far in PA (usually Pro but since I was on ‘holiday’ over New Year I let it lapse) and every time I have to spend 15 minutes or so setting it up.

It’s not vital, I just feel there must be an easier way and I am missing it! :blush:

If you are looking to just apply formatting - which includes sticky notes and additional Pinboards, you can do this by using the option under the File menu - Generate - Adopt Styles from Another Document. So, for example, create the new project in the normal way from the Start dialogue. Once created, select the option to adopt styles from another document and choose the one containing your sticky notes.

It is also possible to create a new project template - in your “Papyrus Author Documents” folder there is a “Templates” sub-folder. You can save the .pap file which contains your template here. This will then appear in your Start dialogue along with the other templates.

Project .pap files will contain links to other elements of a project - for example, in Papyrus Author Pro, the My Characters database. Instead of copying the .pap file, you can select the “Save As” option. This will ask you whether to “Adopt the new name” and so update the paths for the new document. Some links won’t be updated in this process - for example links to databases. These can be updated manually, though, through the Author menu. For example Author - Project - Path to My Characters.

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes :grinning:

I used the ‘create a new project template’ method you suggested, although I found the file path to the subfolders was actually: C:\Program Files\Papyrus Author\Templates\Projects

I dropped my “2021 Blank Project” pap file in there and it let me create a new project with that layout, pinboard, sticky notes and colour settings.

Thank you, exactly what I needed.

Be careful with saving files in the application program folder as these files could get lost upon an update of Papyrus. It’s really safer to create your own Templates folder within the Documents folder or somewhere else.

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I didn’t even know we could do that! I am going to have to sit down and read the manual fully again one day. Three novels, several shorts, editing two previous novels and I still don’t know how to do the fancy stuff.